2010 Documentary

Filmmakers Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington pay a visit to Afghanistan's Korengal Valley to spend a year with the Second Platoon, a besieged squadron who dubbed their stronghold Outpost Restrepo in honor of their fallen comrade PFC Juan Restrepo. An al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold, Korengal Valley sees some of the fiercest fighting in the War on Terror. At Outpost Restrepo, every shot fired is personal, and every target hit a gift to a fallen friend.

Director: Sebastian Junger


  • There is the sense they're fighting for each other more than for ideology.

    Roger Ebert - The Chicago Sun-Times

    11 May 2013

  • This movie will stir your heart and open your mind. It's a group portrait of practicing patriots.

    Joe Morgenstern - The Wall Street Journal

    11 May 2013

  • The low-key quality of the filmmaking in Restrepo only intensifies the reality of how much these kids are risking.

    Stephanie Zacharek - Movieline

    11 May 2013

  • The filmmakers offer no commentary. We watch. And what we see is explosive, deeply moving and impossible to shake.

    Peter Travers - Rolling Stone

    11 May 2013

  • Watching the film one comes away feeling the bond that links these guys.

    Mick LaSalle - The San Francisco Chronicle

    11 May 2013


  • Best Documentary, Features

    Academy Awards (2011)

  • Best Documentary Feature

    Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards (2011)

  • Best Documentary

    Chicago Film Critics Association Awards (2010)

  • Best Documentary

    Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards (2010)

  • Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary

    Directors Guild of America (2011)