Movies are increasingly being delivered online. Services like Netflix, Amazon on Demand, Hulu and Vudu let you watch thousands of films on virtually any internet connected device. Some of these services are better than others at recommending movies that you'll probably like. But sometimes you don't necessarily want to watch films that are clones of ones you've already seen. (Take the ultra-specific Netflix recommendation: "Foreign dramas with a strong female lead", anyone?) Sometimes you just want to watch a GOOD film. That's where Movie Monitor can help. We note favorable reviews from publications with great film critics (like The New York Times and The Chicago Sun-Times) and awards from leading events (like the Oscars and the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals). And we only show those films that are available to watch right now on your favorite streaming service.

When Movie Monitor launched in 2009, it was the very first website to aggregate information about the availability of movies across different online sources. What we noticed over the years was that the "Critically Acclaimed" section of our site -- which showed those films available on-demand that had been well reviewed in the press -- was by far the most popular. So we've made that the organizing principle of the entire site. But that doesn't mind that you still can't come here to indulge your guilty pleasures. If you have a specific film in mind that doesn't fit into one of our categories, you can still find out about its availability across different sources. Just search for it. We'll give you the information you want, no matter how much abysmal its Metascore or Tomatometer.