• One of this year's better studies of the human soul.

    - The San Francisco Chronicle

    19 January 2013

  • A spooky, moving documentary.

    Owen Gleiberman - Entertainment Weekly

    19 January 2013

  • Disturbing, unnerving and wire-to-wire involving, Deep Water is the story of a dream that got so wildly out of hand that it ensnared the dreamer in an intricate trap of his own devising.

    Kenneth Turan - Los Angeles Times

    19 January 2013

  • As Crowhurst's situation grows desperate, the scope of the film expands -- from a good yarn to a haunting, complex tale of self-promotion, media madness, self-delusion and, finally, self-destruction.

    Joe Morgenstern - The Wall Street Journal

    19 January 2013

  • Again and again you want to shout at the screen: â??Turn back. All will be forgiven.â? This tale of risk, though, ends not with man conquering nature but in calamitous failure.

    - The New York Times

    19 January 2013


  • Best British Documentary

    British Independent Film Awards (2007)

  • Louise Osmond

    Rome Film Fest (2006)

  • Best Documentary

    San Diego Film Critics Society Awards (2007)