Between Two Worlds

2009 Drama

Sri Lankan auteur Vimukthi Jayasundara wrote and directed this surreal vision of one man's experiences in a city that's literally become alien to him. After falling from the sky into the wreckage of a town torn apart by violence, Rajith (Thusitha Laknath) wanders through the rubble and gets into a fight with a man disguised in a mouse costume. Eventually, he meets a woman ( Huang Lu) who wants out of the city, and he offers to help her. They hop into a van and roll out, looking for some safe and unscarred place; Rajith tries to make time with the woman, but she's more interested in the attentions of their traveling companion behind the wheel. As they wander, Rajith and his comrades encounter a number of strange and remarkable sights, from an encounter with a long-lost relative whose breast milk has healing properties to fishermen who spin long and complex folk tales. Ahasin Wetei (aka Between Two Worlds) was an official selection at the 2009 Venice International Film Festival. more..

Director: Vimukthi Jayasundara

Starring: Kaushalya Fernando, Thusitha Laknath, Huang Lu


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  • Achievement in Directing

    Asia Pacific Screen Awards (2009)

  • Best Cinematographer

    Dubai International Film Festival (2009)

  • Vimukthi Jayasundara

    Venice Film Festival (2009)